Customer Comments

   Didn't even need to take ibuprofen
Ann P.
I injured my knee and it was throbbing so much I couldn't sleep. I applied Green Magic and didn't even need to take ibuprofen. Thanks! - Ann P.

   Fantastic company!
Cathy P.
Best stuff ever!
Cathy P.

   Fantastic company!
Teresa Klinsick
Great's a must-have. I use it regularly on bruises and tick bites!
Teresa K.

   I stubbed and fractured my toe.!
Jane R.
I stubbed and fractured my toe. Soaked it with the Green Magic liniment and didn’t give it a second thought. Jane R.

   We love Green Magic
Wendy N.
We love Green Magic for many aches and things but most of all we love love love the gel for sunburns. My husband won't use anything else. He loves it. He said it's the only thing he has ever used that actually makes it get better faster. Wendy Nelson.

   We love Green Magic
Nada Clark-Flippin.
I love the comfrey green gel.... I'm a very adventurous person and I was helping my husband burn a large brush pile.... well I got up on a stump about 4 feet off the ground looking around to see where a good spot would be to start the fire. well I made a bed step and I fell backwards into the brush pile. After I got myself dusted off and looked myself over with all the scrapes and bruises what hurt the worst was my thigh muscle. my leg had hit another stump on the way down. I could see where it hit but there was no open wound so I went up to the car and got my comfrey and put it on my leg then repeated it again in about 2 hours and then again when I got home that evening. as hard as I hit I knew there was going to be a bad bruise but to my surprise it never did. Thanks yall for having such a great product that really works! Nada Clark-Flippin.

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